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The Euclid Chemical Company is a global supplier of quality admixture, fiber and construction products for the concrete, masonry, repair, decorative and underground construction markets. For over 100 years, we have built our business on a foundation of customer service. Starting with specification assistance, analytical laboratory services, and on-site technical support, we are dedicated to being "demonstratively better" in meeting the demands of the concrete and masonry industry. As an ISO 9001 supplier we strive to provide sustainable building design solutions which achieve social and environmental objectives while providing economic balance.

Construction Products

Pre-packaged materials for new concrete construction and the repair, protection and waterproofing of existing concrete structures.

Bonding Agents & Adhesives

An extensive line of epoxy adhesives and other polymer bonding agents in low and high modulus variations with multiple viscosities to ensure proper bonding.


Acrylic, epoxy and urethane coatings to protect concrete from atmospheric conditions, chemicals, automotive fluids and other contaminants to extend the life of horizontal and vertical concrete surfaces.

Curing and Curing & Sealing Compounds

Curing concrete is the most important step in maximizing strength development and minimizing plastic shrinkage cracking in concrete's early stages. Options include curing compounds and higher performance cure and seal materials.


Cementitious and epoxy repair materials for horizontal, vertical, overhead and underwater concrete applications.

Waterproofing & Dampproofing

Cementitious coatings, crystalline treatments, and chemical grouts to prevent water from passing through concrete surfaces.

A. R. Chambers Supply is proud to offer the following:

** Always use MSDS sheets from Manufacturer's web site for the most up to date information. **